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Upcoming Social Media agency with good Returns

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    Good Day, My name is roger.

    Based on the good/high demand of Social Media Managers both in South Africa and internationally, I have done my research on which is the best course.. did prospecting in my area and built a small team.

    I would like to get funding to register in a world class Social Media Managing and Marketing Business course by my mentor Tai Lopez.. whom is among the international Authority in that niche.

    My team and I would need funding for the course and running cost for the first  6 months. It will enable as to deliver quality service to both our first prospects as well as new prospects that we will be getting by applying the knowledge and techniques from the 4 months intense course with Tai Lopez.

    what we will be learning as well as offering our clients will include:

    -Generating viral traffic from Social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, instagram, periscope, reddit etc

    -using long tail and converting keywords for adsense and other PPC and CPA campaigns

    -using automated  systems and white hat techniques for both monetizing and consistent engagement with  traffic, email list and followers and more

    -helping our clients to always be ahead using multiple platforms and strategies to generate them loyal customers and consistent flow of new prospects.

    Unfortunately I can't list everything.. however we will be dealing with the above mentioned modules and more..

    Our business has space for great growth and competitiveness, we expect to be paying back on our loan from investors after 3 months of running with future payouts of dividends between the 6- 12 months period.

    All investors are welcomed and we look forward to hearing from YOU as well as entering a partnership and doing business together WITH YOU.

    Stay blessed and get in touched as soon as possible.

    Best Regards,


    Projects are charged a fee when funded - $10 for small projects and big projects: $50.00

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      • Is that your office in the photo

        • Good day Dale, its the office we would like to purchase. We do have a smaller office in the other picture and if possible I can take a video of where we currently Workng… its in a internet Cafe