Guide for Writers

Earn for life from your articlesThe writer

The kind of writer we want is one who writes for fun, not money. If your main motivation for writing is how much each article improves your bank balance, this is probably not the best place to find projects.

You should be able to write content that people want to read. Those of you used to writing SEO articles, where you just need to do a two-minute research, then cook up a 500-word article in 10 minutes, this might not be the place.

Also, you need to write on subjects you have personal knowledge in or at least you have done extensive research (like talking to people who have personal knowledge on the subject matter). Don’t worry though, you can write about anything so there should be something you have personal knowledge to write about.


To earn from articles, join our article sharing program. How much you can earn from each article will only be limited by how good your work.

We used to offer a basic pay per article but that is no longer the case. What you should do to earn is convert your articles to affiliate links and we will pay you $5 whenever someone joins this website after reading your content and up to $25 if the person posts a project seeking funding (when the project is funded). You should also convert other people’s articles and funding projects to affiliate links and you will earn from them too.

The power of conversion based writing

  • Each article you write never stops earning. Even 5 years from now, you will still be paid when someone registers after viewing an article that you shared
  • You don’t have to write many articles. Even just 1 article a month can make you thousands of dollars. Just write something people like to talk about – starting with your social media friends.
  • You get real feedback about what you do. You don’t have to wonder whether you are being paid well enough or blame those buying your content for offering peanuts.
  • It doesn’t matter whether you have a lot of experience, who you know or who knows you. You can start making money immediately if your work is good enough. You can earn even more than people who have been writing before.

– If you are not making at least $200 for each article you write, you need to re-evaluate your approach to writing.


What you can write

We accept articles from a wide range of topics. However, since our main area of business is finance, you have to give your articles a financial angle. Whether its fashion, relationships, religion, there is always a financial angle that you can exploit.

Remember, your articles should be

  • Easy to read – don’t use big words where ordinary ones would have conveyed the same message
  • Try to be informative – if I’ll find 10,000 articles with the same title and points with a simple Google search, why waste your time redoing the same content?
  • Don’t be vague – we insist that you try writing about something you know about. Relying on internet research only will not help you decide what is vague and what is real. Imagine someone who has never been to your town writing a detailed guide for locals to use. Can he know the exact street corner where thugs hang out?
  • Few – no matter how good your content  is, people will not read if you bombard them with tons of articles daily. One article per week should be sufficient and most importantly, it will give you time to provide the best content.

Below, you will find some ideas that you can use to create your articles. These are just examples to give you an idea. Remember, the aim is to write for your audience, not our editors.

  • Forex (Tips for traders, analysis of upcoming events)

-Is Forex Trading Worth the Risk?
-What You Need to Know About the Global Economy in Late 2016
-Dangerous Investments – Foreign Exchange, Currency Trading and Cryptocurrency
-Forex Charts as Tools in FX Trading

  • Freelance Jobs (Survival tips for career freelancers, ways/where to find jobs, latest developments in the world of freelance work)

-Earn Money Teaching Your Writing Skills

-Its possible to earn from learning something new

  • Finance (Tips for borrowers, where to borrow, how to make a quick buck )

-Flipping Websites – How to Buy and Sell Sites for Profit

  • Online business (selling tips, buying tips, tips for processing payments, new trends)

-How to check whether your business idea is sustainable

-How to use Sticky Post to add Categories in your client’s WordPress site

  • Reviews (You can review different services like – payment online processors, shopping sites etc)

-Why I stopped using Skrill and probably you should too

  • Any topic as long as you give it a financial angle

-Will She Say Yes? When Is the Right Time to Propose to Your Girlfriend

-If people in the 3rd world concentrated more on their own finances there would be no wars

In general, write articles:

  • That people will read
  • That your social media connections will share – every share multiplies your potential to earn
  • That will gain new connections on social media – one more friend doesn’t hurt
  • That will improve your social standing – wouldn’t you like to be regarded as an expert in a specific area by those who know you?