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Key Benefits for Investing in Projects Here

  • You can fund projects with as little as $50 or an much as you want
  • We can retain a member’s commission to serve as security for the capital you provide
  • Freedom to set your own rules and goals when investing in projects
  • Choose which method you want to provide the funds in and receive payments
  • Get access to projects from all over the world

Why Become an Investor

Investors help keep this platform alive by financing projects posted by members. You too can finance some projects, helping someone achieve his or her dream. Apart from helping others, investing in projects can also help you make a lot of money.  You can finance projects with as little as $50 to as much as millions. We accept investors from all regions so fee free to apply. We have a wonderful arrangement that will not only help you make a profit, but will also secure the capital you provide.

Here are the three main reasons why you should select this investment platform over others.

Trial Run

First, we’ll give you a chance to try financing a real project without committing your own money. You will choose a project, do all the necessary evaluations, but the funds for the project will come from our company. Open a trial investor account  here if you are not ready to commit your own funds yet.

Insured investments

Every member of this platform earns affiliate commission for advertising its services through social media and other online platforms. You can have an arrangement whereby we retain a member’s commission as security for the capital you provide for his projects. We will release the commission to you in case the person fails to honor the agreement you entered into. This will reduce or eliminate the risk you are exposed to when you invest in projects.

Individual arrangements

Every investor has the freedom to come up with a unique arrangement for the project he or she is funding. Utilize this freedom to seek any sort of benefit, whether its profit sharing, loan repayment with interest or shares in the business you are investing in. You can also fund projects as a well-wisher (angel investor) who seeks no personal gain from projects.