It’s a New Dawn with New eToro – Quick Review


"The more things change, the more they remain the same"

I've heard myself repeat this saying over and over whenever something new that is hyped to change the way we do things is finally introduced. In many cases, the hype is just hot air with very little actual changes. When the new eToro social trading platform was announced, I had the same skeptic reaction. I simply didn't see why there was a need to change the old platform which according to me, was the best trading platform ever.

That was until I finally mastered the courage to try the new interface.

A Faster Platform

Speed was the first thing that hit me. Considering that my house connection is not fast, I was shocked to find out that I didn't have to wait five or so minutes for the site to load and for me to log in. It's now even faster to open and close trades  – to me this was a great deal because before this change I had to go to the office whenever I had to open and close trades, but now even with my slow modem I can open and close trades right from the house.

Easier Navigation

Initially I would direct people to eToro and they would get back to me with a lot of questions.

Why should I join that site?

Where do I start?

What should I do if I don't know how to trade?

I know other great Forex companies. What extra benefits will  I get from eToro?

Lucky me, now the homepage has all the answers they need. Those wondering why they should join will get their answers immediately they click "Why eToro" on the main menu.  Those wondering where to start will find a link to the markets immediately they start scrolling down the home page down. Those afraid of trading on their own have an easier way to discover which traders are making good returns so that they can  copy them.

The idea that you can get extra benefits for being a successful trader has really made me a hit with people already trading in other platforms, and thanks to the new eToro home page, the link to the popular investor program right there on the first page they see.


Better organization

The new eToro social trading platform feels even more professional because of a better organized user interface. It's now easier to set up a watchlist with all the  commodities, currencies, indices or stocks you are interested in. Also, you can open positions directly from the watchlist unlike in the past when the webtrader was separate. The watchlist is not limited to the instruments you are trading only, so you can keep a close eye on those that you might be interested in, in the future.

etoro watchlist

eToro watchlist where you can set the instruments you want to trade or keep track

Should people join eToro?

Even without these changes, eToro has been a great trading platform. I usually receive my withdrawals to PayPal within a day or two. They accept people from almost every corner of the world and with as little as $200, one can start trading. So anyone looking for a simple way to make some extra money online should consider the social trading option presented by eToro.

Personally, i've been paid over $10,000 from my activities at eToro so i think everyone should give it a try.

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