How Mutual Assistance Works

The Concept

If you go to the nearest town square or any other place where people gather and shout that you have $100 to give away free, how many people do you think would be interested? Probably everyone within earshot will raise a hand. What if you ask the same people whether they have some money to spend on something random that they do not need? If they are honest, a huge percentage will have something to spend. Could be a dollar, could be ten, a hundred or even thousands. It will all depend on the individual.

Mutual assistance is based on the two principles

  1. There is always someone in need
  2. Everyone has something little to give – what's little to one person can be a lot to another.

Combining the two principles is what makes mutual assistance so attractive. Since there is always someone in need financially, requiring everyone to give assistance first before receiving, transforms the abundance of seekers to abundance of providers.

mutual financial assistance

When considering whether to join our mutual assistance program or not, it is important to note that everyone has something to give. What differs is how much everyone can readily give without feeling any sense of loss. At the bottom are those who can only afford to a few dollars. At the top, you will find those who can give thousands of dollars.

Another important thing to note is that requests can be split up. If you need $500, your request can be fulfilled by one person, or split up among 5 people. The same happens when you provide assistance. If you have given away $1000, it can be given to one person, or split among different people to fulfill their smaller needs.

Why Use It

Remember, mutual assistance is about individuals helping each other to reach goals. Whether it's increasing your Forex trading capital or doubling the profit you have made from your trades, you will get 100% benefit. You are welcome to use the service even if you are not a Forex trader.

The other advantage is that you do not have to do anything to get the benefit – no selling, no inviting people. You just assist someone, wait a few weeks and then place a request for assistance. Most of these requests are fulfilled within 3 days.


We take requests and pledges very seriously. If you pledge to provide assistance, and then let the request you are assigned to expire before it is fulfilled, your account will be disabled and you will lose any credits that you had. We charge a registration deposit of $10. This charge helps ensure that only serious people sign up for accounts. With such discipline, you can be assured that your requests will be fulfilled immediately when you fill them out.

Step by Step

  1. Register for an account – you need a PayPal and have at least $10. You will also use PayPal to receive money when your assistance request is fulfilled so this is very important.
  2. Make a pledge – after completing registration, you should make a pledge here. Only pledge an amount that you already have and can readily give away. Remember, it will take you at least 30 days before you can receive cash on this platform.
  3. Wait and be updated – the request for you to provide assistance can be made within 24 hours or later. Make sure you check your email and the request area at least once a day.
  4. Complete a request – once you are assigned a request, complete it as soon as possible. Money will be deducted from your PayPal account and Credits will be added to your Forex with friends account immediately. Then you have to wait for the bonus credits to be added before you can seek help. The first 50% bonus will be added after 30 days. The other 50% bonus will be added after 60 days.
  5. Request assistance – Once the bonus credits are added to your account, you can place your request for assistance immediately. This means you can place the request after 30 days or after 60 days. Once your request is placed, it is assigned within 24 hours to another member. The member will have 3 days to complete the request. In case the first member does not fulfill the request in time, it will be reassigned to another person so it is important to be patient.