How it Works


This platform brings together people with different interests who can help each other. Companies are  always looking for popular platforms where they can advertise their products and services. By dedicating a small percentage of their advertising budgets to crowdfunding campaigns, they get unlimited access to the advertising section of the platform. On the other hand, people interested in raising money are always looking for backers. By bringing the two groups together, Forex with Friends is able to make dreams come true.

To ensure success the amount raised from advertisers is what determines the number of campaigns that can be posted.


describe-your-project-to-investorsStep 1: Register for an account

You must be a registered member to post a crowdfunding campaign.

investor-and-businessperson-shaking-handsStep 2: Create a crowdfunding campaign

How much money do you want to raise for investment? Create a crowd funding campaign with the investment budget set as your goal.

budget-calculatorStep 3: Raise money

You can raise money from friends, family, workmates and even strangers online. Make sure you expose your campaign to as many people as possible by sharing it on different channels including through social media, email, SMS etc.

share projects get paidStep4: Collect your funds  and BONUS!

For every dollar you raise from your peers, you will get a matching bonus from advertisers. The bonus is provided once the campaign closes. So promote your campaign as vigorously as you can because the more you raise, the bigger the bonus.

investors for business capital


If you have a business and would like to reach a wider audience, you can post your advertisements here. This website has members from all over the world. You can target audiences on a global, regional or country scale.

Advertising here is not just effective but it is also very cheap. For a budget of slightly over $5 per day, your advertisement will be shown to millions of visitors for a period of 1-6 months. In addition to the usual rotating advertisements, you will have a chance to publish articles, videos and other content for the benefit of your business. You will also have a chance to interact one-on-one with other members through the discussion hall

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