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Many people learn about Forex with Friends when seeking loans online. However, loans are not the only beneficial thing one can gain from joining this platform.

Finding Investors to partner with

investors for business capitalWe allow members to post projects seeking funding from individual investors. You can post any kind of project seeking funding provided it is legal and ethical. So if you are a good Forex trader, you can show your results from trading for the last 6 months, 1year or any period you want, and investors will contact you with offers to boost your capital.

The good thing about projects is the freedom they give you to spell out the terms you want. For instance, do you want someone to provide capital for which you will only pay interest once a year? Posting a project will allow you to do this.

FREE Capital

Still in the projects section, you can post one to find  a well wisher to support you. You might wonder why or how someone would provide you with free money for your own benefit. The answer is that you don't always have to repay money with money. Maybe the person is looking for a certain skill that you can provide at no cost, or maybe recognition from a community you are a member of is worth the money the investor. Check out the live projects section for a list of projects seeking well-wishers.

Get paid to tweet

If you add your affiliate code to any URL, then share it on social media, you will be paid for any registration ever made after the link is clicked. You can also post these links on other websites, not just social media. It’s a simple "set and forget" system that can earn you $1000 every month very easily.


Project link:

Link with affiliate code:

Link with affiliate code shortened:

How it will appear of facebook (your affiliate code is not seen anywhere)

paid to tweet

Once you post your links online, they will remain there as a source of regular income from all the people who register after viewing them.

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Connie is a day trader. For tips on what works and what does not work for a day trader, keep checking the articles and videos she posts regularly.

  • whats the average one can make from the affiliate program in a month

  • There’s no average because it all depends on how vigorous you post links, where you post links and even how popular you are out there. But if you seriously want the commission, I’ll say you write articles and post them in directories. When this site becomes more popular people will be looking for answers and articles will provide these answers. So your links will get many hits and probably many registrations