How to Get Capital


You should use this platform to get funding from people in different parts of the world. It’s a very simple, painless process to get you the capital you need. You can get loans, grants or enter into partnerships with investors from different parts of the world.

describe-your-project-to-investorsStep 1:

Write a short, sweet and compelling description about your venture – we call this a project. The venture could be a physical business, an online business such as trading Forex or offering freelance services or even a farming project. Those seeking funds from well-wishers can post projects suchs a purchasing a house or even a community project etc. Provide clear details explaining what your project is all about and whether there are any benefits for your benefactor. (Do not forget to provide photos). Your project should have a budget too indicating the actual amount you need, the least you can take etc submit a project here for review before you post it

investor-and-businessperson-shaking-handsStep 2:

Register for an account– you will be posting projects, discussing with investors and replying to comments by other members when you log into your account. Registration costs $10 and you can pay using your PayPal account, debit/credit card or a virtual Neteller card. Visit this page to register for an account and start posting projects.

budget-calculatorStep 3:

Post a project and wait for offers – your project will be listed and investors will reply with offers. It’s important to keep up with the progress of of your project. Provide timely replies to comments. Provide more information when clarifications are sought etc. You will be able to view your project and others here

share projects get paidStep4:

Very important: Share other people’s projects on social media – we will pay you $5 for every person who joins this website after clicking a link you have posted on social media, sent via email or posted on any other website. As you wait for your project to be funded, you don’t know how many people might join from the links you share – could be 10, could be 100 or even 1000 so don’t waste this chance. To share links, first convert them them to affiliate links using this tool then post them on your favorite social networking account. This is called creating a safety net. You can learn all about it here

investors for business capital

Why Choose this Services

  • More options – you are likely to get what you are looking for because you have freedom to take any approach that appeals to you.  Whether it a loan, a partnership or a grant.
  • Many investors are willing to offer funds because there is some level of security in form of the earnings you get from sharing projects.
  • You can have many projects running at once seeking funding, but you can only operate one account to seek funds.
  • On this platform, your project is funded by one individual for the entire amount rather than many individuals contributing small amounts each – its not crowdfunding.

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