Fees 1

All members of Forex with Friends are charged certain fees from time to time. The fees are as follows:

Registration fee

To open a Forex with Friends account, you will be charged one-time registration fee of $10

Once you open the account there are no other fees for operation or maintenance.

Loan interestWhen you borrow money, you will repay with interest. The basic interest rate is 2.5% per month. If you will be charged more, you will be advised when you apply for the loan.

External fees

You will incur extra costs such as those charged by credit card processors when repaying your loan. For instance, PayPal charges $0.30+3.5% per transaction.

Project Fees

Posting projects is FREE. You can post as many projects as you wish at no extra cost. However, when the project is funded you will be charged a fee of $10 for small projects and $50 for big projects.

Small project are those with a budget of $50-$500

Big projects have a budget over $501


  • So who pays the fee for the projects which are funded. is it the borrowers or the investors