Do people need financial advice 2

Many times when my friends ask me for financial advice, I usually string them along until I find out what they had  in mind before asking for my help. I might sound rude, or even selfish but in many cases, the people asking for advice will still do what they had in mind before asking for help. So the time you spend giving them advice is just a waste. You might also end up feeling hurt.

In the video below a financial advisor tries to explain to a client what she needs to do so that she can retire in the next 5 years, the conversation is just hilarious...

What do you think? Is it a good idea to give people financial advice?


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  • The funniest conversation i’ve ever heard but sadly its true

  • From my experiences people seek help mostly to confirm what they already know. So if you are not telling them what they want to hear, there will be a problem