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  • Trading is just like any other profession. Like racecar drivers, artists, and doctors, traders have to possess the skills and tools in order to perform their jobs excellently. While skills can be learned, the […]

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  • An automated trading software is an essential component for most of the Forex traders. It’s a key to success for them. As per them, they are able to gain more and accurate knowledge of the trade without i […]

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  • Buying that lovely property has just left you so drained after the paper work and checking whether everything is in order, the title in place and the keys in your hand, that you would just like creep under the […]

  • Hi everyone. I will be posting my first proposal soon and I hope i will be funded. Before i post, I wouldn’t mind knowing what investors look for in a project before they fund it. Specifically i would like to know about the items i have provided in the list below and how much importance is placed on each item
    1.Budget amount
    2.Borrower’s location…[Read more]

    • 👍 very important question. Let’s hear what investors have to say

    • What really matters depends on individual investors. For me, the list goes like this in order of importance(starting from most important) : Budget>Kind of Project>Repayment schedule>Return percentage
      The other factors fit it after these 4. If the registration fee is increased, safety net will be number one on my list

    • No. 9 – Loans vs grants

      • i can only grant money that i’m not using so projects with budgets less than $100 are the only ones i can consider under grant terms

    • @gathiaka the issue of budget is how much am willing to spend. If your budget is higher than what i have, then i won’t look at your proposal twice – there i nothing you can do about this. The other aspect of budget is how realistic it is. if it seems too much or too little for what you are proposing, then i won’t touch your project. Kind of…[Read more]

    • There are countries i won’t touch no matter how good a project sounds. The other thing is budget because i can’t risk more than $500 the first time I’m dealing with someone. Trust only comes with time. I haven’t figured out how the safety net will fit into this but if it does offer security for my money, i don’t see why i shouldn’t consider it

    • my biggest worry is whether I will get what i invest in your project back so i will check whether you are working on the safety net first. Secondly whether you will deliver the return you promise so i steer clear of anything that promises outrageous returns. The other factors follow in no specific order

    • and in terms of budget I can’t invest more than $20,000 in one project

    • Budget first, country second, third is the safety net, return percentage and then the payment schedule

  • Before the years is out I want to thank all investors who support projects posted here by members and specifically @frankgardner for helping me purchase a laptop for my work.

  • I am open to more discussion about my project
    @amyelliott and other investors

    • Happy holidays. The kind of discussion we want to see is between people from a specific area who have practical information about a project. whether its btwn borrowers or investors as long as its independent information that can help those interested in funding the project to make better decisions. For example, i have almost zero information…[Read more]

      • @amyelliott
        What practical information are you talking about? Is it the nature/location of the business or lack of adequate knowledge about such business?

        • I’ve looked at your project and I think what could be considered practical information is things like average rent for offices in your area, average salaries for people doing a specific, how well that kind of business does etc if the potential investor has this information, he will make the decision whether to fund you or not faster.…[Read more]

  • Borrowers need to participate more in discussions to get noticed. The idea by @catherineflores that borrowers from a certain area to provide more details about projects from their jurisdictions is also very important

  • Jacobs posted an update 11 months, 3 weeks ago

    🎅 happy holidays. I think it would be nice if someone explained in detail how the safety net (insurance) really works because its a bit confusing. @forexwithfriends @catherineflores @mukuluhibra

    • its a way to secure the investor’s money which makes proposals by borrowers more attractive to invest in because you do not rely only on the borrower’s word that money provided will be returned

    • its quite clear. when you fund a project, you secure the capital by asking the site to retain the commission earned by the person you are funding. So instead of the person being paid (when he/she earns commission), the amount will be retained until the day the person clears your loan. The commission will be released to you in case of default – in…[Read more]

      • Very true, as it is, you can still lose your money even when you choose to be covered by the safety net. @forexwithfriends you need to find a way to make serious commitments to investors to assure them that their money is safe

    • The safety net’s true potential will only be realized once there are hundreds of projects being funded

      • at the current rates, even thousands of projects won’r really help. DO you realize that a loan of just $5000 can only be covered by 1000 registrations or 200 funded loans? There is potential but its not practical

    • @forexwithfriends should commit to pay investors specific amounts in case of non-repayment by borrowers to build confidence and ensure more projects are funded

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    Merry xmas to everyone 🎄 🎄 🎄

  • Merry xmas people 🙂 Your suggestion @catherineflores is good but i think it might lock out many people who would like to get capital from investors on this platform

    • merry christmas 🎄.
      To make money you have to spend money, that’ my advice to everyone planning to start a business. As an investor i want to be sure that i will get back what i invest (forget even the profit) and currently the best guarantee is the safety net – i’ve seen many colorful projects but this is business where there is a very high…[Read more]

    • This is a serious issue because we have to weigh all the benefits and shortcomings of such a move but in my opinion the advantages outweigh any disadvantages because apart from locking out those who might not afford the initial registration fee, all the other factors will benefit members

    • if a higher registration fee leads to better commission for members, faster recovery of any loans in default then i don’t see any problem raising the fee. Do it like yesterday

    • I fully support. over and above what has been mentioned, the idea could also weed out those not very serious

    • Raising the fee has its benefits but more should also be done to ensure the intended purpose is realized. Some of the things i would like to about the new rates would be
      – how much would be retained by the company (the current 50/50 arrangement would benefit the company to a very high degree). something like 70/30 would be better in favor of…[Read more]

    • If the registration fee is set at $100 or more, we will readily fund big projects because we know the proposals are posted by serious people (someone who can risk his/her own $100 is definitely serious about business)

    • I’m a firm believer in equal opportunity for everyone so I wouldn’t advocate for a system that locks out people seeking financial assistance

      • As it is people are already locked out if you check some facts – example, this platform is over 2 years old an the membership is till hovering around 1000 instead of tens or hundreds of thousands. It would be a better deal for all of us if the target market is narrowed down to only people with serious business and serious investors. After all its…[Read more]

    • How many people actually share proposals on social media? for me, a commission of $5 is not enough motivation, but $50 or even $70 would definitely prompt me to share more

      • The sharing process is a bit complex

        • I believe its very simple. You just take any link and add the affiliate code (which is derived from your username) at the end. I rarely even use the link generator to create my sharing links. but its true the incentive to share is way too low

    • Since its the investors who are mostly advocating for the higher registration fee, I think borrowers are more likely to gain if this change is effected. We should actually poll this so that everyone’s opinion can be heard @forexwithfriends @nazimhussain

    • higher commissions are definitely welcome. Actually since the site was already doing well with $5, can they give us $95 and keep the usual $5?

    • It will only lock out jokers

    • Calling it registration fee is actually what is locking people out. Thousands of articles all over the internet warn people never to pay in order to get things like loans online or jobs (and its good advice because scammers are all over). So, if you really want this to work better, first change from registration fee to insurance or safety net,…[Read more]

    • If I pay $10 then post 5 projects that are never funded, I have lost more than if i pay $100 and get funded immediately i post a proposal

    • @gracek204 I do support higher commission rates which can only be realized if members pay more when joining

    • seems everyone has set eyes on $100 but is that really enough? Happy new year in advance!

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    Merry christmas everyone. See you next year

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  • Ruth Wacera posted an update 1 year ago

    Post more projects people, i can’t wait to share them and earn

    • I think it would be nice for people to comment about projects from their area. Sometime we investors have no way of verifying whether the information provided in a proposal is realistic. The more discussion there are about a project, the higher the likelihood of getting funds @bagro, @gracek204 @freedom05
      tag others and let’s make thi arrangement…[Read more]

      • Very good point @catherineflores, most proposals are about stuff you have never heard about so its good if we have eye opening discussions with the locals

        • Thanks. Another thing i’ve been thinking about is the level of insurance provided under the safety net. The idea is good but the rates are too low. I think registration fee should be increased to something substantial like $100 and the commission paid out to $70 or $80. This way someone can build up considerable insurance faster

      • Great idea \o/ \o/ More discussions will also make project more attractive

      • you have some very good suggestions catherine. keep them coming

    • have you posted a project yourself?

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  • If you live in a big city, you know how hectic life can be at times. Finding a place to park a vehicle when doing shopping or waiting in long queues when paying for groceries is just too much for some people. If […]

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