Consulting For Businesses 4

Most people starting new businesses are usually clueless on many important aspects. From determining how much capital is needed, to choosing the best staff. They will only realize later on, when the business has collapsed or they have incurred huge cost fixing their errors, how misinformed they were. If you have some experience that might be used by these startups, that is a great business – you only need to invest in a good advertising strategy.

consult for new businesses

  • nice idea especially since you can even do it part time

  • does dropshipping still work now that there are so many large online retail stores – dhgate, alibaba etc. Why would someone trust you a small provider with their money and not one of thee big corporations?

    • Amy

      depends on where you come from

  • You can still do drop-shipping within the major retail stores and especially for big purchases such as vehicles because many people are afraid of being scammed