Capital Boost for New Forex traders

Would you like to trade Forex but you don't have enough money or maybe you are afraid of risking a substantial amount immediately. With our capital boost, you can try trading with a real account without risking a lot of money. With just $50 or $100, we can help you start trading with $100 or $300 repectively. This will allow you to test the market with live currency so that you can spend the profits you make.

capital boost forex trader

Under the capital boost arrangement, the money we offer you will be loaded directly to your trading account. This means that you have to join the company we suggest. Also, we will deduct the money from the profits you make for a period of one year - you don't have to worry about repayments. Finally, because the product is meant for first-timers, we understand that you might lose everything while trading. In case this happens, you will not be forced to repay the capital we extend you.