Businesses Supporting Crowd Funding Campaigns

The most unique thing about crowdfunding here at Forex with friends is that half the money you are looking for is already raised from various companies which use this as their advertising platform. You just need to get 50% of your target from your savings, friends and people around you. The other 50% will be added to your account after your campaign closes.

The Concept

Online advertising generates huge revenues for popular websites. The normal approach is to create a platform, make it popular with people then display advertisements to make money. With this approach, the website owner benefits from all the revenues generated.

The Forex with Friends approach is different. Every party involved helps build the popularity of the platform. Advertisers provide the money needed by fundraisers. The success of each crowdfunding campaign attracts more people interested in raising funds, which in turn exposes the advertisers' products and services to more people. And finally, since the companies advertising here are the same ones offering investment platforms, advertisers can e sure they are targeting the right people. Its a win/win for everyone.

Balancing Campaigns

The number of campaigns fundraisers are allowed to post is determined by the amount of money raised from advertisers - every campaign is allocated a maximum $2500 bonus from the advertisers. Each advertiser pays at least $1000 for a single ad to run for 6 months on this platform. With over 1500 rotating advertising spaces on this platform, that is a lot of money for crowdfunders to share.