About Forex with Friends CrowdFunding

In August 2014, we launched Forex with friends as a lending platform for Forex traders. In July 2017, Forex with Friends is changing mandate to a crowdfunding platform for Forex traders.

Do you wish to engage in serious Forex trading? You should get the capital you want from people of good will and your friends.


Platform Rules

  1. Crowdfunding is not a way to make money. So, you can only post one crowdfunding campaign at a time. Also, after your campaign completes successfully, you have to wait at least 6 months before posting another campaign.
  2. Every campaign will receive a bonus of $10 from Forex with Friends.
  3. Funds raised during a campaign will be released 3-5 days after the campaign closes.
  4. Funds raised will be released through PayPal or Payza
  5. You can interact with other fundraisers and contributors through the discussion hall. Take advantage of this to provide any extrude details that people want to know about your campaign and investment plans.
  6. Posting content related to other businesses in the discussion hall is not allowed
  7. Posting campaigns is free. However, a one time fee of 2.5% will be deducted from the total amount raised.