6 Rules for sustainable forex trading 2

Forex trading is of two types: profitable and not profitable, and definitely everyone want profits, but unfortunately majority of the forex traders end up with the heavy losses in their forex trading careers. Even many new investors surrender in the very beginning days of their forex trading due to heavy losses. Many people told you success stories, yes they are true, but you need get your weapons ready before you think to start you forex trading career. Listed here are six essential skills from the top forex experts of all time that you can follow to earn some profits from trading foreign currencies.

Define your risk appetite

In the start of forex career path, you should define yourself. Try to make a balanced score card about your personality by listing your strengths, weaknesses, behaviours, and courage to take risks. It is important that you express your financial goals before you begin your forex trading.

Understand the leverage ratio and account type

Brokers offer different types of forex trading accounts that may be confusing for the new entrants. Each forex trading account comes with different leverage and facilities. It is advised that you talk with your broker to arrange a mini trading account so that you can warm up your forex trading in low risky environment.

Focusing a few Currency Pairs

Investors normally rush to have multiple currency pairs without prior investigations. It is highly important have you know the nature and volatility of each currency before you form a pair. Every single foreign currency is like a separate market. It is therefore important to study the country of the selected currencies before forming pairs to have the idea about the volatility of the currency.

Controlling Emotions is Must

It is ignored talk but the emotions, excitements, greed, and fears always hit our mind and force us to take the decisions. These decision are by heart, but a forex trader should never rely on heart and should use his mind to make the buying and selling decisions. I know you are human beings, but controlling nerves is key ingredient to become a great forex trader. So be a logical thinker and hold your feelings in control to succeed in your forex trading business.

Making use of automatic technologies

This is not relying on forex robots and trade copiers, but all about making use of the best automatic techniques to execute the transactions. Don’t ever forget to use the automatic features like stop loss, price options etc. to grab all the possible and exciting opportunities in case you are not available to trade at that time.

Keep everything Simple

We have never seen a pro forex trader who is an economist, professor, or genius mathematician. Because forex trading is not a complex rocket science. All you need to have positive thinking, clear and realistic goal sets, and clarity in your vision for becoming a forex champ. You only need to manage your analysis and results well to keep the things smooth and simple for you. In case you fail don’t bother it by over analysing, over explaining, over thinking, or rationalising your failure.

  • i have been trading using web and mobile trading platform but now am switching to MT4 but i haven’t been able to figure out how to set leverage when opening new trades via the mt4

    • When opening an account you’ll be prompted to choose one leverage level. I could have shown you a screenshot but i dont know how to attach images here but am sure you will see it when you want to add a new account